Welcome to the Ghoulie Grotto, home of ghoulie Babies and Glamour Vamps on the web
since 1998.
GHOULIE BABIES one of a kind creations formed from twisted Foundlings,
 trashy treasures and orphaned oddities that are re-vamped and bestowed
with a unique new afterlife.
All are handcrafted and uniquely customized so that no two are the same
and are strictly one of a kind

THE MAUDLIN FANCIES section of the site show cases collections of things
 to make your world or your person just a little more spooktacular-
all handmade and one of a kind.

Don't forget that custom orders and special projects are welcome!

 Please don't hesitate to email Jen at ghoulies@tpg.com.au
Or, you can send surface mail to:
Unit3, 21 Harmer st
Reservoir   VIC

HEY KIDDIES- We've been defined in the "Big Word Project!"